Healthy, Durable Homes With Industrial Hemp

As mandates and demand for net zero and green construction grow, there’s a huge opportunity for homes built with plants. That’s good news for Pennsylvania: builders, architects and artisans from PA are using hemp to build healthy, sustainable homes right now.

Timber takes 20-40 years to grow. Industrial hemp takes 120 days and can be converted into carbon-negative building material in a matter of weeks after harvest. Investment in PA hemp can spur a sustainable regional economy that satisfies the demand for healthy buildings at a time when conventional construction materials are facing major issues due to the instability of global supply chains.

Hemp Construction 101 

Hemp construction falls into three major categories: Hempcrete, hemp insulation, and hemp composite timber. Hempcrete is nontoxic, biodegradable, lighter than concrete and regulates internal temperature naturally. It’s made into precast blocks or applied on-site. Hempcrete is carbon neutral and fireproof. Hemp insulation provides the same or better thermal properties as fiberglass insulation naturally, without the danger of toxic materials. Hemp composite timber has been shown to be a carbon-negative replacement for traditional hardwood, providing the same material advantages at the same cost without deforestation.

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Ready To Start Your PA Hemp Construction Business?

A grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has made it possible for PAHIC to provide entrepreneurs with downloadable financial models and pitch deck templates to get their project investment-ready. Let’s get started!

Hemp processing facilities are the missing link in the supply chain

Pennsylvania entrepreneurs are raising capital now to build commercial scale production facilities for carbon-neutral hemp building materials. Sustainably grown hemp from regional farms will be harvested, processed, and manufactured into healthy building materials like these precast hemp blocks.

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Hemp: America’s Next Natural Resource

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Hemp Construction

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Hemp Textiles

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Hemp Nutrition

Family Farms, Sustainable Entrepreneurs, Healthy Communities. Invest in PA Hemp!

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