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VOLUNTEERS WANTED: After looking at the land we will be conducting our remediation trial on, traditional seed drilling will not be possible. So the majority of the land we will broadcast/hydro-seed. It is uncertain how successful that method will be, its iffy at best. Seed drilling is the preferred method plus the soil is very inhospitable. However, we are also going to take a half or full acre and manually work the soil and seed it to ensure we at least have a portion of the land that will be a green oasis of hemp on an otherwise barren moonscape.

It will be dirty and hard work - clearing rocks, tilling, fertilizing and planting but definitely for a good cause. The property is in Luzerne county. Volunteers must also agree to submit to federal and/or state background checks to get clearance to participate in the trial. If you are interested please message us. Thanks!
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Tammie BirdwellWow. Doing the damn thing. I love it. This is one area though 😔 I am not able bodied. I did share this with folks. This is awesome you guys ❤️

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Christian McdadeI have a small dump truck and a 10000 lb dump trailer if you need it

4 days ago   ·  2

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Oscar DiazI'm not sure if there's any mushroom company's out in you area. But if there is I suggest you reach out to them to see if there willing to donate or give you the spent mushroom compost out of a mushroom house that is been cleaned out. The compost has so much nutritional value for the plants. Here in Chester county the majority of Amish and home gardeners use it for there vegetable gardens and fields.

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Shane BucherI am right here a well educated young man looking into getting more involved in any and all said projects... I am also willing to further my education in any means necessary to help with the process of this project and all upcoming, please contact me as I am willing to go thru any and all background checks etc...

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