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    Richard Roush

    Hi Everyone,

    After hours of research, I’ve applied for a growing permit, and also decided to process on a small scale at least for this year. Since currently no permits are required in PA for processing, how do I get the biomass to me without ending up in jail? The farm bill may have passed , along with the pa house and senate bills, but I can tell you law enforcement is not on board. I haven’t talked to any state troopers, but local law enforcement knows nothing about industrial hemp legalization . I have point blank been told, if I’m pulled over with anything that a drug dog and test kit identifies as an illegal substance, I’ll be carted off to jail. What can we do to educate these people?


    Matthew OBrien

    If test results accompany the shipment…. that probably helps. You could print out some of the laws.
    I’ll bet law enforcement is getting updates.


    Richard Roush

    Thank you, but after my original post, I spoke with more police officers, and this is still not a topic of discussion within their departments.. I’ll just wait til I get a crop.




    What area are you in? While mostly I’ve spoken to state troopers, I haven’t run across unfriendly officers. Certainly local law enforcement is informed of local permit holders. I’m curious if there have been any licensed hemp growers in your local are up to now.


    David Dirksen


    We (Patriot Shield) are a hemp transportation and logistics company, and we would love to help you with your transport needs. We have done many runs to and from Pennsylvania. We currently are leasing a facility in Jeanette, PA where we will be milling, trimming, packaging, and storing for farmers in Pennsylvania.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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