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Visitors to PA Farm Show come to Know Hemp!
Excitement builds amongst farmers and health advocates for return of crop to Pennsylvania farmland

Harrisburg (January 14, 2016) –

Within the excitement of the 100th Anniversary of the Pennsylvania Farm Show is the added excitement that Pennsylvania farmers will be able to join their fellow farmers in 18 states across the nation who are starting to grow Industrial Hemp.

Industrial Hemp was an important crop and a major industry in Pennsylvania, and was grown in the Commonwealth until the 1940’s. What was even then a crop with hundreds of uses including textiles, rope, canvass, seed oil and livestock feed is today the most sustainable, nutritious and versatile crop on the planet with far more uses than our ancestors could even imagine.

skateboardVisitors to the Pennsylvania Hemp Industry Council’s inaugural display are surprised to see its many uses, including 2 high tech, lightweight 100% sustainable skate boards produced entirely from Hemp fiber and resin. These one of a kind items were produced to demonstrate that anything made of composites today – automobile and airline components and, most sports equipment – can be made from this crop. They are also surprised to see that a wide variety of items and products, all containing hemp, are already being produced by Pennsylvanians and are already on the shelves in the Commonwealth.

“The United States is largest importer of hemp products in the world and the only importing nation not to grow the crop”, said Geoff Whaling PAHIC President. “We import $500 Million+ in hemp products from Canada alone. Those jobs and those opportunities for farmers need to be in Pennsylvania.”

images5R5WX6CYToday, Industrial Hemp fiber is being used to build composite auto parts, flooring, cabinets, fashionable textiles and biofuels. Hemp seeds, which are 100% digestible protein and having as much Omega 3,6, and 9 as fish oil, are being used for consumer products and animal feed. Hemp oils are used for cosmetics, lotions, dietary supplements, fuel and salad dressings (some of which can be kept in the kind of storage you can click here to look at). Hemp Hurd (the inner core of the crop) is used for building material, animal bedding and landscape mulch. There are literally thousands of uses for hemp and it’s a rare crop in that all parts of the plant are useful.

“Hundreds of PA farmers have signed up to receive updates and learn more about growing the crop in PA, said Whaling. “They are anxious to be one of the first to sow this seed.”
PAHIC will be located in the main hall, booth 5160. Make sure to stop by and get to KNOW HEMP!


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